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Absolute MP3 Splitter Converter V4.0.0 new
absolute mp3 splitter Split your MP3,WMA,OGG,WAV file into small pieces, merge audio files to a large one, in spite of the source format and target format.
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Split audio file:
Split a large audio file into small pieces in spite of the source format and target format.For example,you can split an mp3 file into several small mp3 files and even into wma,wav and ogg files according to your settings;
Merge audio files:Merge multiple audio files in one large file in spite of the source format and target format.For example,you can merge some mp3 files and even wma,wav and ogg files into a large mp3 file according to your settings.
Convert audio formats:Convert audio formats between MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG in batch mode.
Various Splitting Mode:You can split an audio file by three mode:1,by amounts:split in certain parts with the same length;2,by time:split by every certain time length;3,by user settings:You can set the start-time and end-time of cutting/joining when pre-listening to the song.
Step by step Wizard:The step by step wizard makes splitting job very easy to understand.
Frequency and Bitrate settings:Absolute MP3 Splitter supports frequency and bitrte settings. To get higher quality of target files, you can set the frequency, channels, and bitrate, before splitting or merging.
File Information:You can view splitting file information such as title,artist,album,and so on;You can also edit the Id3 tag information.
Direct-To-Disk splitting and merging,no temp files generate.
Support MP3,WMA,WAV,OGG formats.
User-friendly interface,very easy to use. 

Absolute Sound Recorder V4.8 new
sound recorderRecord sound from any source into MP3,WMA and WAV formats.
sound recorder
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Include TWO products - Absolute Sound Recorder, Absolute MP3 Splitter & Converter.
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